Get Involved


There are plenty of events for you to get involved in. Here is how!

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Join our Listserv:

  1. Compose an email message to .
  2. Leave the subject line blank.
  3. In the body of the message only enter the following “subscribe” command followed by BUGS-L Firstname Lastname – Replace LISTNAME-L with the actual name of the list; replace Firstname and Lastname with your first name and last name. The body of the message should contain only the subscribe command; delete any signatures or other characters before sending the message.
  4.  You will receive a confirmation email; follow the instructions to approve the request to join.


Unsubscribe from our Listserv by doing the following:

  1. Compose an email message to
  2. Leave the subject line blank.
  3. In the body of the message enter only the following “unsubscribe” command followed by BUGS-L.

Once you join our listserv, print out a membership form to turn in to the BUGS mailbox in Castetter Hall’s main office. Then come to a BUGS meeting and sign the attendance sheet!

Participation Points

BUGS points are given for meeting attendance and involvement in activities and fundraisers.

We have a partnership with KAPLAN test prep which allows us access to workshops, discounts, and even scholarships.

The current secretary keeps track of all the members’ points. Contact him/her if you would like to know where you stand!

Join the Facebook Group.


List of Possible Events to Participate in: 

1. Welcome Back Days

  • Greet existing students and incoming freshmen as we host a table to spread the word about our organization! 

2. Hanging of the Greens

  • Help decorate the UNM campus with beautiful luminarias as a classic tradition of UNM! 

3. LoboSpirit volunteering

  • Help the UNM student body prepare for fun events such as Red Rally! 

4. Rio Grande Zoo Event volunteering (Zoo Boo, Run for the Zoo, etc.)

  • Help support the Rio Grande Zoo and the Albuquerque community through working with children on Halloween or devoting a day to fundraise through exercise in the Spring! 

5. Fall Frenzy and 6. Spring Storm

  • Join your peers to help clean up the city and our beautiful campus! 

7. LoboThon

  • Dance all night to fundraise for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! 

8. Wolf Fest 

  • Help BUGS and Wilderness Alliance continue the tradition of spreading awareness about Mexican Gray Wolf conservation in the southwestern United States as we bring in live wolves and New Mexico organizations. This is a great way to raise Lobo spirit through passionate education! 

9. Friday Night Live

  • Enjoy a night of fun while also promoting our group to new and existing students! 

10. Documentary Screenings

  • Help BUGS team up with organizations around the state such as Defenders of Wildlife as we spread the word about wildlife conservation and other relevant issues through engaging the public and educating ourselves in the process! 

11. Kaplan Test Prep presentations and events

  • Gain valuable insight into how you can better prepare for graduate school through our partnership with KAPLAN! Take practice tests and provide a great resource for all STEM students in the process! 

12. Exciting fundraisers

  • Help BUGS fundraise for valuable causes, our spring Wolf Fest event, etc.! 

13. Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Project summer volunteering

  • Bored during the summer? Volunteer with BEMP as they monitor the condition of our local Bosque! Learn field techniques during short excursions with knowledgeable professionals and students alike! 

14. UNM faculty talks

  • Get to know our resident faculty while also learning a bit about the field of Biology! 

15. Peer study sessions

  • Need help understanding something? BUGS members range in ages, disciplines, and class level. Team up as we help each other be the best students we can be!


Want to get more involved? Run for a position in the club!
Officer Titles:
President or Co-President – oversees the organization, ensures annual club chartering and ASUNM representation, etc.
Vice President – assists the President(s) with management issues, organizes Chairs and events, etc.
Secretary – records meeting minutes and agendas, tracks member participation points, etc.
Treasurer – tracks all club revenues and expenditures, cosigns all vouchers and financial documents, etc.
Communications – creates official club correspondence, maintains the website and listserv, etc.
Chair Titles:
Departmental Relations – communicates with UNM staff and faculty on behalf of the club
Fun Coordinator – hosts regular entertainment events for members
Fundraising Coordinator – organizes fundraising events (e.g. bake sales, etc.)
Community Service – coordinates volunteer events (e.g. Zoo Boo, Hanging of the Greens, etc.)
Note: The preceding information is only a basic overview of each position. To request more information on what any specific requirements and responsibilities for a position are, please e-mail us!
The only prerequisite for campaigning is that you must be a BUGS member!